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Practice Schedules - WO and HSE

Hi friends,

Please note the below booked practice scheds for our church HSE / WO from April to June at Alliance Jalan Sultan, Big room:

27 Apr Worship overflow - 26 Apr Saturday 7-9 pm

11 May HSE - 10 May Saturday 7-9 pm 

8 June HSE - 7 June Saturday 7-9 pm

Group Devotions

Reposted from email:
Hi po! We have finished studying the Essentials on Worship Values and will start on a new journey with Essentials on Worship Theology. Why study theology? To quote the material:
Theology is about expanding our sense of beautymystery, and wonder at the Person of God – not about dry information!
Everybody has a theology they carry around with them, and it’s either killing them, or making them more like Jesus every day. You and I have a part to play in helping our congregation become more like Jesus. 
Going through these devotions should help us become true worshippers in spirit and in TRUTH, and that is the kind of worshippers that God wants, correct or not? Heehee. So we will see you every Saturday, 645 pm, at the green room before practice. Please read the material (attached) before each devotion time and watch the Videos. Audio versions are also available in the same folder:
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12 & 19 April
Introduction: Worship Is Out Of The Box (2:00) 
Session 1: You Have A Theology Of Worship (6:00) 
26 April & 3 May
Session 2: Who Is The God We Worship? (10:33) 
10 & 17 May
Session 3: What Is A Worshipper? (8:40)
31 May & 7 June
Session 4: What Is Worship? (7:25)
Conclusion: Becoming A Lifelong Discoverer (2:37) 
The same devotion applies to our bros and sisters serving Kids, you can discuss it before your practice or while waiting for kids altar call.
Friends who are not rostered at the above scheduled dates are still highly encouraged to go through the material at your own time.